New Year’s Eve 2014 with the Pat McGee Band!

The Pat McGee Band played to a huge packed ballroom at the beautiful Washington Hilton Hotel last Tuesday night to help bring in the new year.  From the stage to the lights, food, friends and atmoshpere, the folks at Downtown Countdown did a fabulous job throwing a very memorable evening.



Accompanying Pat were two of Richmond’s finest and long time PMB bandmates Jonathan Williams (above) and John Small (below).  Always a pleasure to see them reunite.

John Small

Sitting in on drums was none other than Honor by August’s own Brian Shanley.  I am always intrigued how musicians can sit in on each others sessions and immediately adapt to their music.  Brian did a fantastic job.  If you are reading this and are not already familiar with HBA I encourage you to go HERE and download their most recent EP Monuments to Progress.  Put it on “replay” and let it simmer.  You’ll be singing every word in a short time.  Then do yourself a favor and dig back into their earlier music.  Their that good!  Oh…and then catch one of their shows and watch Evan Field shred on his Flying V.  Awesome stuff.


I always come away with a few favorites from the night and this image of Patrick McAloon is certainly one of them.  Time to start your own clothing line Patrick!

Steve in a rare soulful shot.

Brian brought the TALENT …..and the keys to every room in the Hilton.

Another event favorite….Pat playing an acoustic jam while mom and dad McGee look on.

New dad John enjoying the limelight once again.

Time for a little ‘twang.  Look out Nashville.

Jonathan kickin it in with some good ‘ol country vibes.  The crowd loved it.

That classic McAloon smile says it all.

These ladies were diggin the show and the venue.  The Hilton and Downtown Countdown did a great job throwing the event.  Lots of room to move, lots of food and spirits.


Love was in the air.

“Steve, I really like your vest, where’d you get it?”  “Target, same place you got that jacket?”

Danny providing instrument support and diggin the best seat in the house.

Forget the beautiful ladies……Raj is in da house!

PMB fan enjoying the night.

“Oh pick me Pat….oh me……mmmeeeee!”

And the winner goes to guest vocalist Raj…..for knowing every single word to every PMB song….and cover….throughout the night.  Raj was e-mailing me within 24 hours looking for a possible photo or two.  He was still relishing his fun night.  He said “Thanks man! What an incredible time!……. I still can’t believe he picked me out of a crowd of gorgeous women!

A guaranteed good time for all ages.

Finishing with a bang….and a jump.  Great performance all around.

Happy New Year PMB style.  L-R….Brian Shanley, Patrick McAloon, Steve Bentz, Matt Ingemie (crew), Pat McGee, and Danny Glass (crew), captured moments after midnight.

Time to hang the hat until the next go ’round.  Have a good and prosperous New Year!  Check out Pat’s schedule and other goings on right HERE.   I highly suggest checking out and attending Down the Hatch on the OBX.  Have a look at Pat’s vid from last year HERE.

More photos available soon on my FB Photography Page HERE.  Thanks for dropping in and thanks Pat for putting us up!

Blue Steel with Steve Bentz

Egypt Reunion at Jammin Java, Dec 27, 2013

One would think Eddy Van Halen himself made an appearance last night at Jammin Java as the boys from Egypt lit the place up.  As a Northern Va boy myself I had heard of Egypt in my youth but never made the opportunity to see them.

Its never too late to enjoy an Egypt power performance.

Friend Pat McGee who always speaks highly of this group as they were very influential to he and encouraged him on his own musical path, recommended that I go check them out.  What a performance!  From the moment they took the stage I could tell I was in for a long night of power rock.  It took me back a few years.  Many “old man” jokes ensued during the night, i.e. the Egypt Geritol Tour, but it was clear they had not lost a lick of the high energy performance they are know for giving.

Have a look at their bio HERE, its a great story and check out their FaceBook page HERE.

If you have the opportunity and you love their music, you’ll love the show more.  Pull the trigger and go.

Egypt is Joe Lawlor (guitar), Andy Waldeck (bass), Jeff Brodnax (vocals), Kevin Murphy (drums).

More photos can be found on my Photography FaceBook Page HERE (tag away).


Pat McGee and Friends for Adopt a Family

Pat McGee brought an entourage of fine musicians to Jammin Java for an early evening Sunday show with all proceeds going to Adopt a Family in anticipation of the Holidays.  Accompanying Pat this gig were the fabulous Patrick McAloon of Rhode Island on guitar, mandolin, and vocals and Steve Bentz, bass & guitar, of State College PA.  Sitting in on drums was Matt Calvarese, never missing a beat.  The crowd enjoyed all their favorites.

Patrick enjoying the vibes.

The multi-talented, multi-band, Steve.



The show opened first with an acoustic set with Pat and Patrick in the New Lobby Bar at Java.  Jason Adamo, formerly of Blacksburg, VA and now Nashville, opened with his own acoustic set before moving to the primary stage where he was joined by Doug Casteen on the electric guitar, Michael Bare on bass, and John Briggs on drums.  Jason has a huge voice-box that did not go unnoticed by many new to his music.  I had seen Jason perform on several occasions with Keaton Simons and then again at Pat’s Down the Hatch last June.  Check out Jason’s music HERE.  As you might expect Jason is a good ol boy from southern VA.


As much as I enjoy Pat’s music, I was looking forward to the time of night when brother Hugh McGee and his buds Jeff Dauray and George Simpson would join Pat on stage.  They took us on a trip down memory lane playing such classics as the Alman Brother’s Midnight Rambler and Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On…..many others.  Jason joined in as well to the cheers of the crowd.







Look at Hugh go!

Some lovely young alumns from JMU who decided to come see Pat and relive the old days.  Perhaps we will see them again at Down the Hatch.

The merch ladies….all smiles.


See more photos on my FB Photo Page HERE.

So who is up for New Year’s Eve in Washington DC?

Pat McGee’s Down the Hatch 2014 Flyer and Registration Information

National Harbor Auto Show

A few weeks back my wife got me out of the house and down to the National Harbor Auto Show.  I love those vintage cars and admire the folks who have the patience, enthusiasm and financial interest to bring out their beauty.  I hope to own one one day.  My wife and I really like the Bel Airs!  Enjoy.
























You don’t see a helmet like this everyday.


And when you don’t like the view out the window you create your own.

Tony Lucca “With the Whole World Watching”


Tony Lucca and friends Steve Bentz and Mic Capdevielle, along with bassist Nick Bearden came to see us at Jammin Java last Wednesday night for a 2 show knock out punch.  They are currently on a national tour this summer spreading the love on Tony’s lastest EP With the Whole World Watching.  I have been a Lucca fan for a while after seeing him perform at JJ many years ago on the recommendation of Mr. Pat McGee.  While I have always enjoyed his singer/songwriter genre of music, his new album is something to behold.  Working with the guidance of Adam Levine, Tony’s newest album is very upbeat, catchy, and very rock and roll.  Watching he and the boys play it on stage up close and personal was tremendous fun.  Have a listen at the new album HERE.  And give Tony a LIKE here.  You might be able to catch him again this fall when they open up for Maroon 5 right here at the Jiffy Lube Pavilion if you can still get a ticket.

Opening for Tony was Northern VA based band Honor By August.  See my previous post HERE.

Steve Bentz all smiles all night long.

Nick (loved that bass guitar)

Mic always grooving in the background.  He is fun to watch.

The ladies were really out as music by both Lucca and HBA are fan favorites.

Steve’s Fender.

This used to be his bass face.



Later in the second set the HBA boys snuck on stage to join Tony on one of his tunes.  When you share the same road and venues you really pick up on each other’s music…..

…and made for a great opportunity for Evan and Steve to goof around!

Holy tight jeans!  Who knew Steve could jump that high.  Look out Evan!

Great way to end a couple of great shows.

Tony’s new album is an Ace in the hole.  Go check it out and catch one of his high energy shows.

See my full gallery from both shows on my Photography FB page HERE.

Honor By August at Jammin Java

Out late with my son catching Tony Lucca and the boys up at our favorite local haunt, Jammin Java, last night.  I love it when I go to catch a band I really love and come home pumped about an opening act I saw for the first time.  Honor By August is currently touring alongside Lucca all over the US but are actually based here in Northern VA.  I first heard of HBA many years ago when one of my little cub scouts told me he was taking lessons from one of the band members.  I was not familiar with their music until a few days ago when I downloaded two of their albums, Drowning Out the Television and their latest, Monuments to Progress.  I always try and saturate myself with a band’s music before a show to enhance the experience.  I wasn’t disappointed.  It was an exciting and powerful show.  Most in the venue seem to know all the words to every song.  So I have some catching up to do.

And wouldn’t you know I ran into my little cub scout friend, Jacob, who had come to see his teacher perform.  Except, he was little no more.  He had grown into a tall handsome young man.  He is now a drummer and I can’t wait to catch him on the stage one day.

You can find more about HBA at their Facebook site HERE.  And their albums on iTunes HERE.  More photos to come with Tony and the boys.  Enjoy.

Michael Pearsall (lead vocals/guitar)

Evan Field (lead guitar/vocals), Michael

Chris Rafetto (bass)

Drummer Mike Smirnoff sitting in for Brian Shanley who was apparently expecting the birth of a child with his wife.

I briefly met Evan at side stage during Tony’s first set and was showing him some images on the back of my camera.  I could have photographed Evan all night as he was such an interesting and talented musician.  He made it look so easy and man was he having fun.  I have more photos in my next post when HBA joined the stage with Tony.  Stay tuned.

My favorite shot of the night is the one at the top of this post.  2nd fav is the one right above.  Great job guys.  I’m hooked.