Love Without Boundaries Champions

It was a fantastically beautiful morning in Washington for the 34th running of the Marine Corps Marathon. Congratulations to my brother Ben and my niece Caitlin (Ben’s oldest daughter and my Godchild) for finishing AGAIN and continuing to help those in need.

I have posted here before that my brother, his wife Sandi, and their family of 7 are very involved in the charity LOVE Without Boundaries. They and a number of other runners raised over $20,000 dollars to help provide care and support for orphans and impoverished children in China and to assist in finding them homes here in the United States.

Its easy to see the passion these runners and their families share in their cause. You can help too by checking out the link above. Sandi, Ben and family are anticipating expanding to 9 children when two more China babies (older China babies) will hopefully join them this year.

Smiling at the start!

Rounding the corner and passing people all the way 🙂

Run Ben Run. The last corner before the finish. I was ready to hop the fence and administer CPR….but he finished strong!

A quick photo at the finish. Other dedicated team members were still on the course battling the odds. While they appear to be fresh and recovered, I can tell you that each (young or older) slowly inched their way to the shade to take this picture. This is a tough event and humbling to watch.

A proud moment.

And a beautiful day.

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