Do You Remember Your First Concert?

Today is a great day as my son has turned 15! Happy Birthday Danny. He left for school with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye. Last night his Dad treated him to his very first rock concert, and what it show it was. We ventured out to the Jiffy Lube Live Arena (formerly Nissan Pavilion) in Bristow Va to see none other than Pearl Jam, featuring Eddy Vedder. I had not been to a show like this in years and was very impressed. Getting to and from the venue was very easy. No problems what so ever. True to its form it was an eye opener for Danny and he seemed very entertained all night. He had our little Canon SD-1000 with him taking pictures of all kinds of things interesting only to a 15 year old (redneck girls, tailgating, beer lines, $35 t-shirts, you know the drill).

He seemed quite fascinated that you could find Beer at every turn.

I only had one moment of anxiety. As we sat down, there was only one row of empty seats in front of us before the aisle. Two no shows and our view would be spectacular. Within 60 seconds of the opening song in walks a guy and his girl. He looks like a cross between Howard Stearn and Weird Al Yankovich, and must have been about 6’10”. Sitting down he was still as tall as me standing. All Danny and I could do was laugh and he snapped this shot.

My view.

Needless to say I was doing a little head bob dance through most of the night. Not to fear, we saw and heard plenty.

Eddy on the big screen.

Dad and son having a conversation. Only problem was Danny was conversing with someone else. I think it is safe to say we made it through the night without me embarrassing him. Actually, he thinks I’m pretty cool for taking him 🙂 Now I have a concert buddy!

Our budding musician’s collection of guitars. He added a bass for his birthday. We are extrememly proud of him in every aspect. Perhaps he will be on the big stage one day. As I told him last night. Every famous musician once sat in the audience holding onto a dream. I think the kid’s got talent. Time will tell.

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