A Titanic Breakthrough

One of the coolest and most simplest of tips I picked up on at an early start in my photographic journey was quite simply, as you raise your camera to your eye, and just as you are about to snap that photo, think of how you might compose it, or shoot it differently to make it more interesting.  When I spotted this ship on the horizon, I immediately new I wanted to photograph it and meet that challenge.

This ship was actually no ship at all.  It was little more than part of the White Star Restaurant near Gatlinburg Tennessee!  Still, its one of my favorite photos.

  • Mike Meyer - November 2, 2011 - 8:33 AM

    Hey Dan, that is a very cool shot and a great tip. I was wondering if that was the model ship used for the movie. Well done! Man you sure are getting around a lot these days.

    Mike Meyer

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