Pat Sommers Rock Shop Rocks the Delancey Night Club


Last week I had the fantastic opportunity to travel with my son and his band of buddies with the Pat Sommers Rock shop to the Delancey Night Club in Manhattan, New York.  I was invited along by Pat and wife Angie as the tour photographer and jumped at the chance.  The event evolved when Pat was invited to play once again with his early 90’s band Sticky.  It would be a reunion of old friends with 7 of Pat’s bands comprised of some talented teen musicians from Northern Virginia opening up the show.  We hopped a chartered bus and headed for the Big Apple.  We would dine for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, tour Pat’s childhood neighborhood in NYC, then head for the Delancey.  It was certainly a recipe for a great time and that it was.  I shot several hundred photos during the day, enjoyed great music, and crashed on the bus for the ride home.  It took me two days to recover.  The kids did a fantastic job as did Pat, who got the award for having the best day ever!  Enjoy the slideshow below.  If you have broadband, consider clicking on 720p for HD (bottom right), make it big, and turn it up!


We strolled the streets of Times Square watching the weird and memorable.

 CAUTION: HOT!  The all girl band extravaganza.

Multi-talented Dibbles playing a mean bass.  He also played keys and sax and pretty much wherever he is needed. The Boxer Racers (Carlos, Eric, and Cody)

Crazy man Jake on the drums.

Danny, Jake and Maggie of Simple Drag

Dibbles, Max, Jason, and Josh of That’s What She Said

One of my favorite images of the evening, this quick one light portrait of Mike Lincoln, Pat’s friend and drummer of Sticky.  Mike had that edgy musician look like he was a tough customer but was actually extremely mild mannered and great with the kids.  Sticky was formed in 1992 and played together until 1994.  They recorded an EP in 1993 called Sticky Sweet that was produced by Sticky and Mike Mazmano.  Barry Hughes plays bass and sings.  Pat plays lead guitar and sings.  The Delancey is owned by the oh so charismatic Georgie Saville, also singer and guitarist with Sticky.

Back in the day, Sticky toured and opened for Chrysalis Records artist D’ Generation and also opened for L.A. Guns

After playing their reunion show April 21, Sticky members have been asked to record new material for an upcoming CD called Sticky Full Circle.

My son has been under Pat’s guidance as a rock guitarist for some 3 years now.  In that time I’ve gotten to know Pat pretty well.  Pat is the real living Rocker!  He brings a passion to teaching these young musicians that is unmatched.  It goes beyond learning that new cord, song or rehearsing stage presence.  I think’s its safe to say Pat’s been around the block and seen alot of things and so spends a great deal of time sharing stories of his time on the road and more importantly, the need to always use good judgement in whatever you do as you pursue your dreams.  He’s passionate, kind, a dedicated family man and cares for his students dearly.  After each show, you can watch the kids line up to receive that gentle hug and pat on the back from him.  They really love him as does my son.  I have complete trust in his judgement.  I find it comforting to know that my kid can go to a club like place (Pat’s studio), where he can shred guitar and socialize with his friends, without the everyday teenage nuances tugging at him.  Too cool.

So let’s all raise one for Pat.  He is the real deal.  I’m honored to know him.

  • Angie McCort - April 27, 2012 - 11:29 PM

    LOVE The slide show…. amazing pictures, great music, perfect feel of the trip!

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