Down The Hatch, Day 3, Part 2 – A Wild Night At Kelly’s with Slideshow

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After departing the Luau we headed on over to Kelly’s Restaurant and Tavern on the Outer Banks for another night of song.   I saw Mic (and his hair) from a distance and knew I had to grab a portrait.  So we set up right in the back and had an impromptu photo session.  Theme of the night was dressing as your favorite team or sport.  Too funny!

Mic Capdevielle (PMB drummer) is a natural in front of the camera.

Steve Bentz (PMB bassist); not sure if he is bad…..or just sweet.

Didn’t take long to kick it in gear with the Pat McGee Band setting the pace.

Michael Ghegan; as comfortable on the sax as he is in that track suit.

The multi-talented Michael Tolcher with a surprising Eminem cover that rocked the house.

Keaton Simons lighting it up again on night #2!

Patrick McAloon, all smiles all night long.

Anyone can jump in on a Down the Hatch gig.  The place was packed with locals as well as two bachelorette parties and one wedding party.

I met this nice couple from Minnesota who has been following the Pat McGee Band for 15 years.

A place for all ages.  Pat cleared the dance floor for this young couple on their first date.

Pat with lucky winner Cheri Polansky.  She won the highly sought after signed guitar!  (I think I saw it on Ebay today……not)

 Down The Hatch Wrap Up Slideshow

If you have a good connection consider hitting 720p and expand the screen in the lower right of the viewer.  Turn it up!

I would be remiss not to mention the very memorable moment when Pat invited my son on stage with all the attending artists for the final number; Tom Petty’s American Girl.  It was totally unexpected and a real treat.  Danny held his own and the crowd seemed to love it.  I was stunned and very appreciative of the opportunity.  I want to thank all the artist who were so kind and generous with their time to Danny and friend Jason.  They made some great friends and memories.  I’m sure DTH 2013 will be at the top of their list next year.

I once heard that the music that sticks with you through your life is what you hear during ages 14-24.  Until recently I thought there was no good music to be found anymore.  At least what I hear on air doesn’t much appeal to me.  But the music is most definitely out there.  You just have to find it, or have someone bring it to you, which is exactly what Pat McGee and Down The Hatch does.  I’ve downloaded at least 5 new albums this week and looking for more.  All from the artists I met and heard last week.  I greatly enjoyed the trip.

Thanks Nicole Dauray for telling me about DTH.  Thanks Cathi Schwegman Groomes for pushing me to go.  And thanks Pat for showing all of us such a great time.  You really do know how to throw a party.  Cheers!

I’ll be adding more images to tag at my FB page HERE.  A private gallery will be sent to DTH attendees by Pat, and then opened to the public in another week or so.

If you’ve enjoyed reading these posts, consider checking out these artists.  Their music is wonderful.  If you’ve heard about Down The Hatch and were considering going but haven’t, get off the fence and go next year.  You will return to your homes with a head full of new music and lots of pretty cool memories.

In no particular order:

Graham Colton, Ari Hest, Keaton Simons, Sarah Miles, Kris Orlowski, The Sweet Remains, Gareth Asher, Native Run, Kill The Alarm (Garen Gueyikian), Mer, The Blue Dogs, Patrick McAloon, Kyle Davis, Matt Duke, and of course Pat McGee.

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