Glory Days

My good friend’s son Andrew popped in on me for a very special portrait as he prepares to celebrate his achieving the rank of Eagle Scout (image to come after his ceremony).  I am always honored and in awe at what these young men achieve in the years leading up to this award.  They learn and do so incredibly much by the time they are 17.

Andrew also just rapped up his high school ahtletic career competing in soccer for George C. Marshall High School in Falls Church VA.  So I did not pass up the opportunity to create a unique portrait of his days on the field.  Andrew’s father Kip and I spent years coaching against each other when our boys were young and then one tournament together as we coached them to victory.  Lots of fun and great memories.

So here you go Kip.  It was great to catch up with Andrew and see what a fine young man he has become.


This photo was taken in November 2006.  A much younger Andrew is bottom row, 4th from right.  My son is bottom row fourth from left.  Kip is back left and I am back right.  Glory days!

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