Songwriting Down The Hatch Style

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Saturday morning found us in the banquet room for the Artist Songwriting Session.  This of course came after the newly introduced early morning DTH Yoga session.  The word was it was surprisingly well attended even after a late night at Peppercorn’s. Attendees included Pat himself as well as his father.  Both mom and dad are attending for the first time.  The songwriting session was also well attended and at times was a real hoot as can be scene in the images below.  The idea is to simply get an inside look at how songwriter’s collaborate to develop a song from nothing but an inspiration or a melody in the head.

Tim, Pat, and Matt.  I was not familiar with Tim’s music 3 months ago.  When Pat added them to the DTH weekend I downloaded 3 albums off of iTunes and became an instant fan.  Search for The Alternate Routes and have a listen.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Also joining in on the fun is Patrick McAloon.

I do believe that the 4 dudes sitting on stage greatly appreciated the feedback provided by some of the young ladies in attendance.  They provided a different perspective and it was well received.

Tim feelin’ the love.  Now off to an afternoon session of rotating singers then on to Kelly’s for some late night fun.  The sun has poked through the clouds but the beach is still rather windy.

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