PMB Down The Hatch Day 3; Hell Yeah America! An Awesome Night At Kelly’s

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From the moment you walk into check-in at Pat McGee’s Down The Hatch you can feel the love.  A cliche I know but that’s exactly what it is.  From the other attendees that you meet, to the DTH crew, to the artists that stop, say hello and make you feel welcome, its a great vibe and one I’m glad to be a part of.  That’s said, please join me in congratulating Brenda and James who were so moved by the experience, and their love for each other, that they became engaged on the beach during the weekend.  They caught up with me after the group shot on Saturday early evening and I was able to capture this moment in time for them.  Very nice meeting you and good luck to you both.

Saturday morning found the sunrise crew struggling to get up and enjoy the day, which they did.  If you are considering going next year here is a good tip.  Just when you think you are done when leaving Kelly’s at 2 AM Saturday morning, the party is just getting started.  Grab your guitar, harmonica, or beat box and hit the beach.  If you can hang you won’t be disappointed.

On the dune deck with McGee and McAloon for an early morning guitar lesson. Nice office space.

The skies cleared long enough to enjoy a few hours listening to some great tunes on the beach with Michael Tolcher, Andy Davis, McGee, McAloon and others.

“Right where I aught to be…..”

Impending storms eventually caught up with us and we moved back inside for more gigging inside Peppercorn’s Restaurant in the Ramada.

Then back on the beach for the group shot.

My son Danny with his 2nd prized DTH signed guitar.  I am grateful to all the artists who remain so friendly and inspirational to him.

Back in Kelly’s for round 2 of a 2 night knock out punch.  Here is Jason in his full on “Hell Yeah America” wardrobe; the theme for tonight’s get together.  The theme was inspired by Pat’s recent trip abroad performing for service men and women oversees as part of the Navy’s entertainment program.

There were more than just DTH attendees at Kelly’s as the shows are open to the public with a cover charge.  I think there were more than a a couple bachelorette parties or wedding parties there.  (I have no idea who these ladies are but they sure were having fun).

The DTH team did a fantastic job getting everything ready for the finale.  Pictured here, L-R, Kevin, Cara, Colleen, and Rodney.  Not pictured…..Big Sexy!

Colby James and TJ Sweeney from the Rhode Island crew warming up the crowd with some reggae.

The ever so smooth Andy Davis wooing the ladies as usual.  He plays on the black keys.

Steve Bentz slappin the bass all night long.  Hard to say but he was in the running for the musician having the most fun from start to finish (he and Mic that is).

Patrick McAloon, all smiles all night long, with Chardy looking like he’s going to leap off the stage at me.  How those hands Chardy?

Made the opportunity to meet Mr. John Redling or Red as he is known of New Potato Caboose who came down to sit in on two nights of fun.  I had seen Red play before but never up close and personal and it was a real treat to watch his hands dance effortlessly up and down that key board.  I was in awe watching him.  After your done reading this post hop on over to this LINK and give a listen.  I will be adding some Caboose to my repertoire.

Keaton Simons lighting up Kelly’s once again.  I’m sure he added of few more fans to his fan base including Mr. YoLo down front who seemed quite taken.  Keaton’s new album Beautiful Pain is really moving of the rack.  Check it out here.

Keaton finished his set much like he did on night one with an all hands on deck rendition of the The Band’s “The Weight.”  Emily Hearn and husband Michael Harrison jumped in on the far right.

After Keaton’s set we were joined by Atlanta based Gareth Asher sporting his newly acquired American outfit.  People were in line to get a photo taken with him to include Pat himself.

Yea baby….doesn’t get any more American that this!

Cool as always, love to watch Josh make that guitar sing.

Pat gettin in his licks.

The dynamic duo of Pat and Keaton

Liz Longley joined in on Tom Petty’s American Girl……nailed it.

Steve Bentz stepping out from bass to show us what he can do.  He didn’t disappoint.

Oh hey….check out the photographer….he sure is cute (not).

Yes Andy can melt your heart on the keys ladies…..but he can also rip into some AC/DC covering “You Shook Me All Night Long” and rockin’ the crowd.

The highly energetic Michael Tolcher covering The Beastie Boys “You’ve Got a Right to Party.”

“Hey Rebecca this is your pilot speaking and your about to laaaaaaand!”

Mr. YoLo feeling the pain of trying to keep up with one amazing performance after another well into the early morning.

Jump Shot!

Bringing it in home one last time.

Thanks Kelly’s for putting up with us one more time.  Thanks Pat and all the artists for a tremendously fun weekend.

For the full photo gallery please click here.

  • James - June 21, 2013 - 9:27 AM

    Awesome shots… what a great experience the whole weekend was!! That first pic is quite special as well 😉

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