Bitter Sweet Grand Revival Show


It was a bitter sweet show indeed last Friday night as local Northern VA band Grand Revival took the stage at Jammin Java for their last appearance before disbanding.  As polished and professional as they appear and sound these band mates are still young and have many experiences ahead of them.  Lead guitarist and GR anchor Nate Wilkinson will soon be heading off to college at the Berkeley School of Music in Boston to continue his music education.  Kyle Moriarty (vocals), the eldest of the gang works locally and sings at every opportunity.  He will continue to thrive in bands to come.   You can find Carter Louthian (guitar/bass/vocals), a rising senior at Langley High School in Mclean VA, pursuing his musical interests with Carter Louthian Music.  John Fee (drums) attends Oakton High School and is also coming up on his senior year.  And recent addition Arjun Baxter, although you would never know it watching him dressed to impress on stage and thumping his heart out on his bass, is a sophomore in High School at Eastman in Rochester NY.


I have enjoyed following this band and watching them grow in their music and performances.  I never tire of watching Nate dance up and down his guitar.  No doubt the kid’s got presence on stage.  I’m confident you will see Nate on the big stage one day.  (no pressure Nate…no pressure).

I’ve probably photographed Kyle the most over the years.  I remember him playing and singing at a local Middle School end of year party with the School of Rock.  I liked watching him then.  Still do.

Carter blasted onto the scene after bassist Gilbert Pitcher went off to college.  I loved watching Gilbert.  He was by any means an exciting bass player to see.  So Carter had some big shoes to fill when Gilbert moved on.  He met the challenge.  You’ll see him around for years to come.

John Fee….its easy to see how he keeps in shape once you experience his drumming style.  The kid don’t quit…and he is a real treat to watch.

I’m guessing Arjun was a recent addition to the band when Carter stepped out from the bass to accompany Nate on guitar.  Arjun continues the GR tradition with powerful riffs and an exciting playing style.  Hey…just because you play bass doesn’t mean you have to stand there!  As a photographer, I love players that move!  Makes my job way more fun and produces some cool images.  Well done Arjun!

GR can bring it down with some jazzy grooves……

….or ramp it up and light the place on fire!

GR opened up for Drivin’ and Cryin’ and warmed up the crowd nicely.

Going to miss Nate….but know I will see him play once again.

Well done gentlemen.  Best of luck to you.

GR band members past and present (L-R), Nate, John, Alex Oblinski (vocals), Gilbert Pitcher (bass), Nick Jones, Carter, Kyle, Arjun.

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