Honor By August at Jammin Java

Out late with my son catching Tony Lucca and the boys up at our favorite local haunt, Jammin Java, last night.  I love it when I go to catch a band I really love and come home pumped about an opening act I saw for the first time.  Honor By August is currently touring alongside Lucca all over the US but are actually based here in Northern VA.  I first heard of HBA many years ago when one of my little cub scouts told me he was taking lessons from one of the band members.  I was not familiar with their music until a few days ago when I downloaded two of their albums, Drowning Out the Television and their latest, Monuments to Progress.  I always try and saturate myself with a band’s music before a show to enhance the experience.  I wasn’t disappointed.  It was an exciting and powerful show.  Most in the venue seem to know all the words to every song.  So I have some catching up to do.

And wouldn’t you know I ran into my little cub scout friend, Jacob, who had come to see his teacher perform.  Except, he was little no more.  He had grown into a tall handsome young man.  He is now a drummer and I can’t wait to catch him on the stage one day.

You can find more about HBA at their Facebook site HERE.  And their albums on iTunes HERE.  More photos to come with Tony and the boys.  Enjoy.

Michael Pearsall (lead vocals/guitar)

Evan Field (lead guitar/vocals), Michael

Chris Rafetto (bass)

Drummer Mike Smirnoff sitting in for Brian Shanley who was apparently expecting the birth of a child with his wife.

I briefly met Evan at side stage during Tony’s first set and was showing him some images on the back of my camera.  I could have photographed Evan all night as he was such an interesting and talented musician.  He made it look so easy and man was he having fun.  I have more photos in my next post when HBA joined the stage with Tony.  Stay tuned.

My favorite shot of the night is the one at the top of this post.  2nd fav is the one right above.  Great job guys.  I’m hooked.



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