Egypt Reunion at Jammin Java, Dec 27, 2013

One would think Eddy Van Halen himself made an appearance last night at Jammin Java as the boys from Egypt lit the place up.  As a Northern Va boy myself I had heard of Egypt in my youth but never made the opportunity to see them.

Its never too late to enjoy an Egypt power performance.

Friend Pat McGee who always speaks highly of this group as they were very influential to he and encouraged him on his own musical path, recommended that I go check them out.  What a performance!  From the moment they took the stage I could tell I was in for a long night of power rock.  It took me back a few years.  Many “old man” jokes ensued during the night, i.e. the Egypt Geritol Tour, but it was clear they had not lost a lick of the high energy performance they are know for giving.

Have a look at their bio HERE, its a great story and check out their FaceBook page HERE.

If you have the opportunity and you love their music, you’ll love the show more.  Pull the trigger and go.

Egypt is Joe Lawlor (guitar), Andy Waldeck (bass), Jeff Brodnax (vocals), Kevin Murphy (drums).

More photos can be found on my Photography FaceBook Page HERE (tag away).


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