New Year’s Eve 2014 with the Pat McGee Band!

The Pat McGee Band played to a huge packed ballroom at the beautiful Washington Hilton Hotel last Tuesday night to help bring in the new year.  From the stage to the lights, food, friends and atmoshpere, the folks at Downtown Countdown did a fabulous job throwing a very memorable evening.



Accompanying Pat were two of Richmond’s finest and long time PMB bandmates Jonathan Williams (above) and John Small (below).  Always a pleasure to see them reunite.

John Small

Sitting in on drums was none other than Honor by August’s own Brian Shanley.  I am always intrigued how musicians can sit in on each others sessions and immediately adapt to their music.  Brian did a fantastic job.  If you are reading this and are not already familiar with HBA I encourage you to go HERE and download their most recent EP Monuments to Progress.  Put it on “replay” and let it simmer.  You’ll be singing every word in a short time.  Then do yourself a favor and dig back into their earlier music.  Their that good!  Oh…and then catch one of their shows and watch Evan Field shred on his Flying V.  Awesome stuff.


I always come away with a few favorites from the night and this image of Patrick McAloon is certainly one of them.  Time to start your own clothing line Patrick!

Steve in a rare soulful shot.

Brian brought the TALENT …..and the keys to every room in the Hilton.

Another event favorite….Pat playing an acoustic jam while mom and dad McGee look on.

New dad John enjoying the limelight once again.

Time for a little ‘twang.  Look out Nashville.

Jonathan kickin it in with some good ‘ol country vibes.  The crowd loved it.

That classic McAloon smile says it all.

These ladies were diggin the show and the venue.  The Hilton and Downtown Countdown did a great job throwing the event.  Lots of room to move, lots of food and spirits.


Love was in the air.

“Steve, I really like your vest, where’d you get it?”  “Target, same place you got that jacket?”

Danny providing instrument support and diggin the best seat in the house.

Forget the beautiful ladies……Raj is in da house!

PMB fan enjoying the night.

“Oh pick me Pat….oh me……mmmeeeee!”

And the winner goes to guest vocalist Raj…..for knowing every single word to every PMB song….and cover….throughout the night.  Raj was e-mailing me within 24 hours looking for a possible photo or two.  He was still relishing his fun night.  He said “Thanks man! What an incredible time!……. I still can’t believe he picked me out of a crowd of gorgeous women!

A guaranteed good time for all ages.

Finishing with a bang….and a jump.  Great performance all around.

Happy New Year PMB style.  L-R….Brian Shanley, Patrick McAloon, Steve Bentz, Matt Ingemie (crew), Pat McGee, and Danny Glass (crew), captured moments after midnight.

Time to hang the hat until the next go ’round.  Have a good and prosperous New Year!  Check out Pat’s schedule and other goings on right HERE.   I highly suggest checking out and attending Down the Hatch on the OBX.  Have a look at Pat’s vid from last year HERE.

More photos available soon on my FB Photography Page HERE.  Thanks for dropping in and thanks Pat for putting us up!

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