Egypt Reunion 2014 @ Jammin Java

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The boys of Egypt gathered once again to rock the night at Jammin Java last Saturday night.  Jeff Brodnax (vocals), Kevin Murphy (drums), Joe Lawler (guitar) and the highly animated Andy Waldeck (bass) played to a packed house and gave the fans what they came to see.  There were the older folk (like me) rockin right next to the younger metal loving crowd all night.  The band opened up with the powerful Look Up, played many fan favorites like Flow, Soul Hammer, Bone Dust, many more, including new track Cracks in My Soul.

It would be great to see these guys keep doing what they do.

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Andy is all business until the tie comes off.

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Opening bands included Wally Worsley and the popular and entertaining Hot Buttered Elvis.  Dig those shoes.

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HBE is Scott Barber (guitar/vocals), Shawn Sharifi (bass), and Rob San Pietro (drums).  Check out their website HERE.

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