Team Hollingsworth from Southlake Texas


A few weeks back I got a phone call from an old friend from the neighborhood who had moved his family to Southlake Texas to support his daughters quest to pursue her passion for gymnastics.  Seems she more than qualified for an elite team of young gymnasts and was immediately invited.  As it is, all 4 of his children are accomplished athletes in their sport of choice.  Its pretty common that sports is big in Texas.  Well, everything is big in Texas.  Before I knew it I found myself being flown south for what turned out to be a 24 hour photoshoot extravaganza.  I managed to pack up everything I needed for a garage studio athlete photo session in 3 checked bags, and carried on two.  Due to the time change I arrived supper early where I was met by James who scooped up my bags and took me to his house.  His kids were not even up yet on this Saturday morning.


I set up shop in the garage where I had just enough room among all the gymnastic equipment to erect my 4 strobe set up with background.  I had everything I needed save the large softbox or beauty dish that I simply could not bring.  I managed to make a half raised umbrella work as my key light to get the result I was looking for.  My athlete portraits are shot on grey for easy selection of the subject in photoshop.  I photographed their 4 children who were in and out all day.  We then headed to the Bob Jones Nature Center at golden hour to shoot some family photos. The park was teaming with photographers.  We took our time and had some fun.


Matthew, a dynamo in football.

I shot all day and late into the night before sharing in a beer while packing up all my equipment.  I had an early flight out but that didn’t stop me from getting James up and out the door early to go see the local Texas sized high school stadium.  Dragon Stadium was a sight to see.  And apparently they fill it regularly for sporting events.  I managed to catch it right at sunrise which made for  great backdrops for many of my images.


Caleigh is a full time gymnast.  It was a real treat to watch her.


John, excited that lacrosse is just as popular in Texas as Virginia


Mitchell is a Varsity basketball player for the Southlake Carroll High School Dragons



She’s pretty awesome on that beam.



daniel-glass-photography012 daniel-glass-photography013



We made time in the park for a senior photo session as Mitchell will graduate in spring of 2017.



John and Thao have a beautiful family.  I was honored to make the trip and capture (and create) some memories.  Thao has been a fan of my work for many years, following me on Facebook and Instagram.  She felt it important enough to fly me down to photograph her family.  Timing was perfect.  It won’t be long before Mitchell will be off to college.

I was actually back in Virginia by noon on Sunday just in time to see my own son’s soccer game.



Here is the ever watchful Dad keeping a keen eye and coaching….just a little.

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