Jazzman Domenic



Tribute to Miles Davis based on a famous photo ~ Domenic’s idea and its my favorite.

One of my favorite types of client is the High School Senior.  I enjoy working with them as most are rarely in a hurry, allow you to shoot and experiment, and genuinely enjoy the images they receive.  Bonus if they come with their own ideas.  That was the case when my good friend Domenic sought me out for senior photos.  Domenic wanted to create some classic images in the style of the old black and whites of trumpet players of yesteryear.

Our families have been friends for many years through school, parish, and Boy Scouting since Domenic, his brother Vinny, and father Fran, first started racing pinewood derby cars as young cubs.  I first posted a photo of Domenic here back in 2011 as he was our Troop Bugler.  The photo was always a Fran favorite and he spoke of it often.  I also now have the privilege of serving as Domenic’s current Scoutmaster as he prepares for the final steps in reaching the rank of Eagle.  These photos are the culmination of our recent session.


As if he were sitting back stage at a New Orleans Jazz club.


Insert Madmen theme song here.



Two trumpets for two different keys.


Step aside Michael Buble.


And the traditional marching band portrait.  Domenic hopes to continue in college.


And for something out of the ordinary, my specialty, the creative portrait.

Good catching up with you Domenic, the world is at your feet.


Vintage Domenic (2008)


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