Eagle Scout Sam Murphy

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This is my buddy Sam.  Sam has been with Scouting along time having grown up in Cub Scouts (started as a Wolf) and crossed over into Boy Scouts.  One day I asked how he came to find Scouting.  He explained that a few friends had talked him into joining.  Over time those same boys had dropped from Scouts many years ago.  Sam could have been right there along side them but chose the road less traveled.  He liked scouts and decided to stick with it.  Like many Scouts before him he entered high school and life got busy.  Very busy.  Sam is a stand out soccer player and learned to balance both high school soccer and travel soccer with his local team in Vienna Youth Sports.  Throw in his love of swimming, sprinkled with cars, girls and an active social life, and you have a very busy teen.

Finding time for Scouts became very challenging and he found himself on that ledge; trying to decide if he should make the push towards Eagle.  Our Troop is blessed in that we have a very active, lively program that allows for Scouts to participate full on when they can while exploring opportunities in and around their schools and communities, all the while meeting there Scout advancement requirements.  What culminates is a well rounded responsible young man of good character (friendly, kind, and courteous), who knows what it means to be an active supportive citizen, very giving of his time and talents, with the determination to keep himself physically and mentally strong.  What we have is a leader.

I’m proud of Sam, as I am all our Scouts who strive to be better people, and in particular to those who overcome life’s pressures, stick with the program, and rise to the Rank of Eagle.  It is tremendously rewarding for me as a long time Scout Leader to watch them grow from Cubs into fine young men; assets to their community.  Congratulations Sam, you have set yourself up for success.


The opening image is my Norman Rockwell tribute for Sam and his family.  I always offer my standard image in front of the flag (see last image) but decided to go the extra mile.  Sam came to me for his Eagle Portrait….and maybe a formal senior portrait.  What followed became a three hour marathon session of poses, clothing changes, and great ideas for epic composites.  Just what I like in a Senior photoshoot.  Help me help you look cool…and create a memorable keepsake for Mom and Dad.

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Senior defense-man for G.C. Marshall High School Varsity Soccer Team

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Early morning workout.


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The Phelps.


Daniel Glass Photography005The business professional.


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And the proud Eagle Scout.



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